How long does it take to manage requested employee?
It depends on locality and scope of the contract. We try to grant the employee within five days. In case of selection of housekeeper and nanny for larger time span of hours: we manage suitable employee within 14 days.

What will happen if employee become ill?
Of course we manage suitable substitute during her/his illness.

What happens if employee brake something during cleaning?
Costs are covered by our agency together with a cleaning lady if broken thing is cheaper than CZK 500. In case of broken things more expensive than CZK 500, costs are covered by insurance contract. Insurance is settled with insurance company Česká pojišťovna a.s., the insurance limit is 5 million CZK. Insurance is covered in case of damage caused by our employee during work.

Is your agency also responsible for the loss?
Unfortunately we are not able to be responsible for the loss, there is not any insurance, which would relate to loss.

How do you examine your employees?
Of course, all our employees have no criminal records. Our employees are experienced in the appropriate area as well and possibly have references from previous customers. Personal interview with each of our employee includes among others also psychological testing. Test cleaning is common practice.

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