Cleaning services - price list

Housekeeping services

Basic rates:

Regular household cleaning (dusting, vacuuming, mopping, bathroom, WC, washing, ironing) 160 CZK/hour
Ironing – separately 180 CZK/hour
One-off household cleaning 180 CZK/hour
Arranging (mediation) of a housekeeper 6000 CZK

Other expenses:

For regular housekeeping services up to three hours is charged public transport fare – single 55 CZK

General cleaning:

Transport, cleaning stuff and detergents 250 CZK
Cleaning after painting, general cleaning 265 CZK/person/hour
Windows washing  22 CZK/m2
Carpets clea 17 CZK/m2
Sofa cleaning  from  350 CZK/piece
Chairs cleaning  from  40 CZK/piece

Minor maintenance:

Maintenance – handyman 265/CZK/hour
Garden maintenance price from 265 CZK/hour, exact price will be settled after personal visit and scope of work

Pet care:

Dog walking 30 minutes  150 CZK
Dog walking 60 minutes  200 CZK


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