Cleaning of residential houses

Our cleaning agency offers among othe services also regular cleaning of residential houses. Cleaning services include cleaning of common areas, cleaning of vestibules, starcases, banisters, elevators, windowsills and etc. We can manage removal and collection bins in settled time and take care of cleaning rooms for mixed waste.

Our employees are checked for having no criminal records, have experience in the area of cleaning residential houses and always endeavor to perform professional cleaning services. They come in agreed time and on the wall papers (in vestibules) there are timesheets with confirmation of their work activities.    

For price see the page cleaning services – price list .Price includes for instance  these activities:

  • dry cleaning of starcase and entrance vestibule
  • wiping of windowsills and wipe off the dust from banisters
  • wet cleaning of starcase and entrance vestibule
  • entrance doors glass polishing
  • beating all mats by the entrance door and wiping underneath  
  • elevators and glass cleaning
  • cleaning of corridors by the cellars
  • cleaning of rooms for mixed waste.


It is possible of course to order and manage other tasks individually as well.

As per your request we can manage general cleaning , which includes washing windows in common areas of the residential house, remove cobwebs and other activities.

We provide these cleaning services:

  • cleaning of apartment buildings
  • cleaning of tenement houses
  • cleaning of panel houses
  • cleaning of residential houses
  • general cleaning, washing windows

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