Babysitting services – price list

Basic rates:

Babysitting – regular

1 child    150 CZK/hour
2 children   180 CZK/hour
Babysitting – single 150 CZK/hour


Other expenses:

Public transport fare – single  55 CZK
Public transport fare – monthly 550 CZK


Special services:

Babysitting in foreign language 180 CZK/hour
Tutoring in basic school subjects  180 CZK/hour
Preparation for high school tests 250CZK/hour
Preparation for basic school re-sit 250 CZK/hour
Babysitting in hotels during brunches  950 CZK/hour
Babysitting during celebration, weddings In-company babysitting  individual calculation – depends on time span, number of children and program
Arranging nanny  6.000 CZK


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